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Flowering Nose sketch card - for 10th-letter by Kweh-chan Flowering Nose sketch card - for 10th-letter by Kweh-chan
Gift/request for :icon10th-letter:

j(ay) was kind enough to give me a TON of advice about becoming an official Star Wars sketch card artist last year; not only that, but he even drew me a personal sketch card of Wat Tambor, when I lost one of his that I was bidding on. As thanks for all of his help, I offered him a picture, and he chose a sketch card of the late Seth Fisher's character, Flowering Nose, as part of the Flowering Nose Project (floweringnoseproject.blogspot.….

If I haven't said so already, it is my goal to become a licensed Star Wars artist, and I have wanted to do sketch cards for a while; however, being a digital artist, I grew a bit too comfortable on my tablet, and spent much of last year trying to improve my traditional skills. This year, after some more practice, I plan to make some sample sketches (in this style), and send them off to Topps in hopes of getting a response. I intend to take my art as far as I can (with my current skill level, which does need improvement) - I'd love to become THE "official" Neimoidian artist :D

Again, I'm terribly sorry for the delay; I hope this is acceptable, j(ay)!
10th-letter Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
Tooooooooooooooo cool! Great job!
Coincidentally I'm packing up this years batch of cards to send to Seth's mom, as his birthday (aka Flowering Nose day) is a week from today...
Did you need my address?

Also, working on the new Topps Star Wars set, but it's original trilogy based, so no Neimoidians...I'm sure your sad about that!

Thanks again!
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